“Toxic people realize they lost you the moment you realize you won by losing them.” - Natasha Adamo



I am the #1 bestselling author of Win Your Breakup: How To Be The One That Got Away. Along with coaching clients around the world and doing in-person events, I write relationship, self-help, and life advice here on my blog. I have dedicated my life to providing answers beyond a surface level and helping others out of pain, suffering, and sabotage that I know all too well.

I write and speak from the perspective of a straight woman (me). I cannot authentically write from any perspective or experience other than my own. However, I am honored to have coached thousands of people around the world and to have many readers from the LGBTQ Community. Everyone struggles with the same confusion, pain, and toxicity—it’s just different body parts and dynamics. The common denominators are always the same, and our pain is what connects us all.

Choosing to give that pain a purpose is what makes us family.

Although I write from the perspective of a straight woman, what I write about does not discriminate against gender, orientation, age, or stage in life. I do not, in any way, want to exclude anyone.

Additionally, I have a huge problem with and no respect for people who engage in male-bashing. Men are NOT the problem. Toxicity is the problem, self-hatred is the problem, unhealed trauma is the problem—not men.

The time is now to stop being a doormat, prioritize your peace, and give your pain a purpose. I am your biggest fan and am honored that you are a part of this community.



Turning painful life experiences into survivorship, accountability, vulnerability, and personal power by ditching the victim mentality. You can too.

My education has not come from a classroom, a certification program, or a license of any kind. It has come from my own life experiences. It has come from surviving myself, other people, and relationships that I sabotaged, along with the ones that left me for dead.

I have been in your shoes. I have gone through loss, rejection, failure, and breakups that left me suicidal.

I have committed emotional and spiritual suicide. I have felt directionless; like I had no choice but to abandon my dignity and intuition – just so I could get more time with people who had no problem wasting mine.

I know what it’s like to feel worthless - completely defeated and emotionally knocked down.

I also know what it’s like to finally be able to self-reflect. To activate discipline and experience the kind of freedom and satisfaction of getting up off the ground in a way no one ever thought I could. Anyone can throw fruit, but not everyone can get fruit thrown at them. There are millions of people in the follow-the-follower audience. To get fruit thrown on you, you have to be in the ring. This takes an incredible amount of courage, discipline, and strength.

Now, it’s your turn. Welcome to the ring.

I’ve learned that when you allow the painful experiences in your past to entitle you, it becomes impossible for those experiences to educate you. I couldn’t create profound change in my life until I was willing to step out of a victim mentality and into a space of survivorship.

Ties were cut with everything that was not serving me. I finally had the space to start giving myself the acceptance, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love that I had been outsourcing my entire life.

I began looking at my past with compassion instead of shame. Little by little, I started to become attracted to what was good for me instead of what triggered me into trying to be “good enough.”

My mission in life is to help you do the same.



Be the person you’ve always been but never had the chance to become with one-on-one,  personalized coaching from Natasha Adamo. 

No B.S. advice, enlightening answers, and a non-judgmental, compassionate opportunity to end back luck, break toxic patterns, and heal like never before.