$67.00 USD

Give Your Pain a Purpose: Digital Courses to Help You Heal After a Breakup

What You Get:

Four In-Depth Courses

Over six hours of audio/visual material where you'll learn...

  •  How to get over a toxic ex (or ANY toxic person in your life) with your dignity intact.
  •  How to stop being used, abused, and disrespected. The doormat era of your life ends now.
  •  How to attract (and be attracted to) healthy relationships.
  •  How to break free from caring about the opinions of others.
  •  How to self-validate, instead of being dependent on outside validation.

Quarterly Q&A Webinar

Every quarter, I host a live webinar with members of this community from all over the world. This is an opportunity to partake in a Q&A and connect with me and this community. The focus is mainly on breaking free from bullsh*t, loving yourself unconditionally, and learning how to become unf*ckwithable. I'll discuss whatever topics naturally get brought up. Some webinars are heavier and others are lighter in subject matter and depth. But every webinar is different and provides value.

Bonus Content

You’ll get the audio version of my book, Win Your Breakup, along with my Self-Validation Workbook to heal your self-esteem and get your power back NOW. You'll also be the first to know about content updates and upcoming in-person events.

And more will be added…