One-On-One Coaching Membership

Working with me personally may be a good option if you’re looking for more in-depth, one-on-one help.

I currently coach readers from over thirty countries worldwide via telephone/Skype Audio. Additionally, I have clients (celebrities, public figures, professional athletes, politicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc.), that hire me in person to work with them one-on-one.

Whether telephonically or in person, working one-on-one is a powerful experience that opens doors for profound change in shorter periods.

For the last six years, I have received messages daily from people asking for relationship advice, breakup advice, and self-help. I also get messages asking about high-performance coaching, executive coaching, and professional advice.

Some of the Most Common Questions Are…

  •  Is my ex emotionally unavailable? A narcissist? How do I get over someone that I’m still so connected to and in love with?
  •  How can I get my ex back?
  •  How can I implement boundaries, enforce standards without guilt, shed insecurity, and attract high-quality relationships?
  •  How do I get clean from my addiction to toxic relationships?
  •  How can I heal from childhood trauma and forgive those who caused it?
  •  How can I have better relational luck, unconditional confidence, and true happiness in my life?
  •  How can I stop feeling ashamed and guilty for my decisions in the past?
  •  I am being cheated on. How do I proceed? 
  •  I am cheating on my partner. How do I proceed? 
  •  How can I stop people-pleasing and procrastinating?
  •  How can I get them to regret losing me? How can I be The One That Got Away?
  •  How do I stop caring about what everyone else thinks?
  •  Is my ex happier without me? How can I get them back? What are they thinking? Should I go back to them?
  •  How can I get past this pain and put an end to my destructive patterns once and for all? I’m ready to create long-term change.
  •  How do I put an end to consistently feeling/being abandoned, rejected, never good enough, and easily forgotten?
  •  I want to stop being a taken-for-granted doormat.
  •  I want to get rid of fake friends and bounce back in a way that proves them all wrong.
  •  How do I deal with toxic and abusive family members?
  •  I want to attract a healthy relationship and manifest my hopes and dreams. I want unfiltered joy. How do I get there?
  •  For Athletes: How can I improve my focus and performance on the court/field/course?
  •  For Professionals: How can I improve my performance, be my own boss (if not professionally, then mentally), and get to the next level? How did you start and build your business, Natasha?

What You Get With Your One-On-One Coaching Membership:

With one payment you get lifetime access to ALL of my courses and bonus material + lifetime access to new courses and material that comes out. You also get...

Not one but three one-on-one coaching sessions with me, Natasha Adamo. (Sessions are one hour in length). If you need additional support, you will also have access to group coaching sessions from the Level Two Membership, as well as the monthly webinar from the Level One Membership.

What People Are Saying:

Member Testimonials “Natasha has such an insightful and wise way of relaying her advice, she really is a gifted writer. I started out reading the articles on her blog, then listened to her course "The No Contact Contract", she helped me to stay strong during a very difficult break-up. Lots of aha moments!

— Jennifer

Natasha has a way with words and a deep understanding of what it’s like to experience a “breakup” of any kind. For me personally, her book was a guide for how to heal from relationships with toxic family members and coworkers. Natasha’s advice is invaluable!

— Sydney

Natasha's POV on life, and relationships is the therapy you didn't know you needed. If you really take the time to absorb and follow what she tells you, you are on a path to self-love that you never knew could exist. She has impacted so many lives by her authenticity, wisdom and love.

— Holly

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