About Natasha Adamo

I used to have zero self-esteem, crippling social anxiety, and non-existent boundaries that got so bad, I didn’t want to live anymore. I was either controlling, passive-aggressive, and manipulative in my relationships with good people or, I was a taken-for-granted doormat that needed validation from toxic people like it was oxygen.

No matter what – how I felt on the inside, coupled with how my life was going (good or bad), was always because of someone or something else. Nothing was dependent on what I could control (the internal). It was always the unpredictability of other people and circumstances (the external).

I couldn’t let people own their own behavior. Everything was always a reflection of, or because of, my perceived lack of worth.

This left me powerless. It ensured that my relationships were unhealthy (starting with the one I had with myself) and kept me on a self-sabotaging hamster wheel.

After one very painful breakup, my physical health completely gave out.

You can’t get physically healthy while continuing to ingest the substances that make you sick – even if it’s a much smaller amount.

The same goes for your mental health.

I realized that I could not heal until I was willing to step OUT of a victim mentality and INTO a space of survivorship.

Ties were cut with everything that was not serving me. I finally had the space to start giving myself the acceptance, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love that I had been outsourcing my entire life.

I began looking at my past with compassion instead of shame. And little by little, I started to become attracted to what was good for me, instead of what triggered me into having to be “good enough.”

My mission in life is to help you do the same.

This happens through my speaking engagements and events, my blog, my coaching services, and courses, and my bestselling book, Win Your Breakup: How To Be The One That Got Away.

I currently coach clients telephonically in over 30 countries worldwide, as well as in-person coaching with celebrity clients, politicians, public figures, professional athletes, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. I am honored to coach many people from the psychological and psychiatric professional communities. My education is experiential, not academic. It comes from my own life experiences. So, to work with members of the professional community is an incredible honor.

I have dedicated my life to giving what I wish I would have had, helping people realize they are never alone, and providing answers beyond a surface level.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. Welcome to this tribe/community 🙂 I look forward to getting to know each other better.